Don’t miss a sporting event at The Albany Hotel

With convenient transport from Bexleyheath, Sidcup and Bromley, we cater to individuals, businesses and families at our pub in Kent.

We give you a reason to get together

Wondering where to spend time with friends? Need to organise a gathering for your club or sporting association? Why not arrange a spectacular event at The Albany Hotel in Kent? In addition to hosting live music for a range of events, we can also make arrangements for live sport events to keep your guests engaged at all times. Enjoy an electrifying atmosphere coupled with great food and beverages served at your convenience. From buffets to non-alcoholic beers, we have it all.
Live sport

Live sport for a great time

  • Dart board
  • Snooker and pool tables
  • Sports bar
  • 3 40" LCD TVs and 2 50" LCD TVs
  • 3 different Sky Boxes to watch multiple sports
Snooker and pool tables

Enjoy game night right here!

We know that getting together for game night can be a big deal, and so we can help set up the evening for you. All you have to do is a make a reservation with us and we will ensure you are in for a great time. For additional information and to make a booking, get in touch with us today.
Visit us for a fantastic time with your loved ones. For an evening filled with entertainment, call us on 
020 8300 2770
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